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Crackdown 3 Developer is Offering a Chance to be in the Game

Earlier This year producer of the critically acclaimed game, Shadow Of Mordor, departed to the next world as he lost his battle with brain cancer.

Microsoft has taken an initiative for Mike Forgey ‘s family.  Microsoft has started an auction on ebay to raise money for Mike Forgey`s family and if you win the auction, this will let you be in Crackdown 3 as a character model.

Microsoft has teamed with Crackdown 3 developer Reagent Games for this unique auction and an opportunity to allow you to be part of their upcoming game. The auction is currently listed on ebay.

The description of the auction states:

Microsoft Studios and the development team behind “Crackdown 3” are offering the chance for one generous donor to have their likeness modeled and used as a character in our upcoming title.

Winner of the auction will be required to sign a rights waiver for the developers to use his/her likeness in the game. He/she will also have to provide a high resolution picture of them. Both the picture and the signed rights waiver will have to be provided by 30th of June 2016 so that they can be in Crackdown 3.

The signed waiver is the rights for assignment, agents morph with progression, etc. Details will be coordinated after the auction is completed

It is also stated in the auction that the developers of the game hold the right to determine the final character model which best represents the game including the right to adapt the image as appropriate.

It is good to see that these big publishers care for their employees and it restores our faith in humanity. Currently the highest bid on the auction is at $710 and the auction ends on Tuesday.

Mike Forgey was a game developer, during his career he worked on many games including acting as a producer for Shadow of Mordor, Gears of War 2 and Guardians of Middle Earth.