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Codemasters Made Profit First Time In Five Years

Codemasters is a British game developing studio known for developing Dirt Franchise, NASCAR, Formula 1 franchise and Grid Franchise.

The CEO of Codemasters Frank Sagnier announced that Codemasters made profit first time in five years and predicts ‘double digit’ growth going forwards.

In an interview with MCV Frank said that “the company has been through some difficult years.”

He also said that the transition to the 8th generation of consoles  has not been easy and in the last couple of years they have focused on what they are good at as they started developing only racing titles and leaving the areas which they did not feel strategic to them.

He said that they have ended up its Fiscal year 2016 with Codemasters  made profit first time in five years, which is a big achievement.

He Further said:

For as far as we can see, we are growing every year and we’re talking big double digits, we’re not talking about a few per cent

The studio’s big recent release is Dirt Rally which debuted at NO 2 on the UK charts of top ten best selling games and was just a minor of units behind Quantum Break.

He further said that it is a very positive time for the company. Dirt Rally has done well, F1 2015 was successful. He said they sold two-and-a-half times more units than what they sold last year.

The moral of the studio must be very high right now and why would not it be, with the success of Dirt Rally and their other racing franchises it is clear fans love what Codemasters delivered.

Recently Codemasters hired employees of Evolution studio, the developer of DriveClub and MotorStorm, which was shut down by Sony.