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Namco Wants to Know Which Ace Combat and Ridge Racer Remake You Want?

Remakes and remasters are getting popular these days not only among the producers but also fans of the beloved franchises. Now a days when news of the remake or even a rumor about the remake of a classic game starts floating around the internet, fans get excited and start discussions.

This time no news or rumor about the remake has got fans excited, but it’s a Tweet from Namco game producer  Kazutoki Kono asking which Ace Combat and Ridge Racer Remake fans want.

In the first tweet he asked the fans to vote for which Ace combat game between Ace Combat 2, Ace Combat Electrosphere, Ace Combat 4 Shattered Skies, or Ace Combat 5 The Unsung War they want remastered.

Ace Combat 5 The Unsung War  was on the top with 39% of votes followed by Ace Combat 4: Shattered skies with 29% of votes. While Ace Combat 3 got 25% of votes and Ace combat 2 got 2% of votes.

Kono said in a followup tweet:

I made the poll on an impulse in the middle of the night, but as has been pointed out this morning, I forgot to include [Ace Combat] Zero. Sorry about that.

In the another tweet he asked for another poll saying “One more before going to bed “. This poll he wanted to know which Ridge Racer game fans wanted remastered from Ridge Racer, Ridge Racer Type 4, Ridge Racer 7, or an Ultra Ridge Racer with many real cars. He also said that most of the fans can’t decide that they want a remaster or legitimate evolution of it.

Well fans voted and Ridge Racer Type 4 leads the poll with 52% of votes and Ultra Ridge Racer got 19% votes. Ridge Racer 7 and Ridge Racer got 16% and 135 votes.

It is Important to note that Kono did not specified that these polls were officially sanctioned by Namco or these votes will lead to any remaster. Kono has worked on many Ace combat and Ridge Racer games during his career at Namco and currently fulfilling his role as a producer for Ace Combat 7.