Titanfall 2 to Have Wall-Running Titans? Confirmed for EA Play

Titanfall 2 was revealed by Electronic Arts two days ago with a new teaser trailer with swords and all the chills you want. However, we have not had a lot of details about the game which is why everyone is looking for details in places where they might have slipped out inadvertently.

One thing that might have slipped out of the official website of the game could be related to the good old Titans which made the game stand apart from the rest of the shooter titles that have come out this generation.

There is a blurred image on the background of the homepage of their website, if the blurring is removed to the extent it can be removed, you get an image that might be showing a character as well as a Titan wall-running!

Of course it is not confirmed and the image is also not completely clear, but it does look like it.

Titanfall 2 Wall-Running Titans

However, when this image started to be shared online, especially on Twitter, the official profile of Titanfall responded with something that got everyone unsure about what they were seeing.

In the second Tweet the developers are teasing surprises, we are not sure if they mean that the image in question is going to unveil a surprise down the line or if it is going to be something altogether different.

However, Titanfall 2 has been confirmed for a presentation at EA Play, Electronic Arts’ own event which they detailed only recently in place of E3 2016 itself.