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“Red Dead Redemption is a Recurring Nightmare”, Sam Houser

Leslie Benzie has sued Rockstar for $150 million in royalties. But another story has emerged from this lawsuit about the multi year development of Red Dead Redemption. One of the lead producers on the game acknowledged it had significant problems.

In the lawsuit the legal team of Leslie Benxie is trying to establish that Leslie was vital to Rockstar operations. One example provided by the legal team was how Benzie helped finish the game while having no official authority in the development. The game was under development at Rockstar San Diego lead by Rockstar`s co-founders Sam and Dan House.

A line from the lawsiut:

As Sam Houser himself recognized, the Houser brothers were incapable of completing large and complex games without Mr. Benzies’ oversight, management, and skill in taking unwieldy designs and making an understandable, cohesive, and enjoyable game.

In 2009 the deadline for Red Dead Redemption was getting near and Sam Houser got anxious because the game was not in good enough shape. He wrote an email to Benzie asking for his help in the project.

Sam Houser said:

This [RDR] is a (recurring) nightmare. PLEASE help me/us get rdr [Read Dead Redemption] into shape. I am a jabbering wreck right now,” he added. “I need The Benz!

In the lawsuit Benzie claimed that he stepped in to help Rockstar San Diego and completed the game in a matter of months to show the game to their partners.

We all know that Read Dead Redemption went to be a huge critical and financial success. Receiving outstanding reviews and selling 13 million copies. In recent years a rumor is also circulating that its sequel is under development.

Benzie left Rockstar in January of last year, claiming after 17 months paid vacation he tried to return to his office but was kicked out of the building.