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Be Prepared To Die Even More In Dark Souls 3 DLC

Dark Souls 3 has only been out for a day and already Dark Souls 3 DLC is being revealed for the masochists (myself included) that want even more challenge in a game that’s already very difficult.

We have no idea what will be in the DLC that From Software is teasing, only that it will be coming out in the autumn that will likely add on to the lore of the game’s universe.

Previous expansions in the Dark Souls universe have taken us to various new locations in the past: the first Dark Souls game took us to the land of Oolacile, where we met the powerful knight Artorias the Abysswalker, driven insane by darkness. In Dark Souls 2 we went through three different kingdoms, those of the Ivory, Iron, and Sunken Kings.

Whatever the Dark Souls 3 DLC entails, if it follows the previous patterns we may be going to Lothric before it fell apart, allowing us to see it in all of its glory before the Undead Curse took hold and the Fire faded.

Souls games have, however, been notable for their subtle lore. References to other locations and events are often all we get for any sort of lore, leaving players to have to piece everything together by themselves.

Bloodborne continued this trend somewhat when it released last year, though instead of its DLC going into the past, its Old Hunters DLC instead took us into an alternate dimension, where we uncovered the origins of the Beast Curse that was ravaging Yharnam.

The Dark Souls 3 DLC will be releasing sometime this autumn, most likely on the Xbox One, Playstation 4, and PC. While you can’t buy it yet, hopefully playing the base game and finding all of its challenges will be enough to keep everyone tided over until it actually comes out.