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Pokemon Sun and Moon Details Coming with CoroCoro Next Month

After tons of speculations on Pokemon Sun and Moon details like the number of mega evolutions the game might have, or that the games will have at least 10 new Pokemon, we might finally be able to look at official details on the game thanks to teh upcoming issue of a Japanese magazine.

Reputable Japanese magazine CoroCoro is going to do the first detailed feature on the twin games that will give us a “large scoop” on what is going to be featured and what is not.

The good thing is, this will help us figure out how right we were when speculating the changes that will not happen in the games and the changes that we wish would happen.

Pokemon Sun and Moon Details to be Featured in Next CoroCoro Issue

CoroCoro Magazine has already announced that they will be covering the game with special features through their upcoming issues, and while the last release did not have tons of details in it, the one coming next month promises to bring some. This has been iterated in the current issue.

Pokemon Sun and Moon

In the past, it has been teased that April will bring us the first video gameplay of the games although we have not seen any so far. Also, The Pokemon Company has launched a free Hoopa Level 50 giveaway through the previous releases in the series just to prepare everyone to start the new games with something special.

We will be covering all Pokemon Sun and Moon details when they pop up, so keep tabs here.