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Oculus Rift Shipments Delayed Once More; Free Shipments Announced

Oculus Rift shipments were expected to go out these days for everyone who has been waiting on them, but it looks like the developers did not plan everything too well. Shipments have been delayed once more and now you will have to wait for about another month.

Oculus Rift Shipments Delayed Again!

This time, emails have been sent out to preorderers who were supposed to get their hands on the head mounted display (HMD) one of these days informing them of a delay that has been caused by a “component shortage.”

On the upside, the developers have announced that they will be handling the shipping charges for everyone who has has ordered the HMD for themselves through April 1, 2016.

Here’s an excerpt from the email that a number of buyers have received:

We’ve updated your Order History with a new shipment window for your Rift. The window may be later than your original estimate, due to the early component shortage.

AS a reminder, we’ll send you an email when we charge the payment method on file for your purchase and prepare your shipment. We’ll also cover all shipping and handling costs for orders placed through 11:59 PDT on April 1, 2016.

This Oculus Rift shipments delay is also affecting the users who had been given a March delivery estimate originally. This got changed to the last week of March before and now, the buyers are being told that their orders will be out between early and mid May, 2016.

Only about 10 days ago the developers had apologized for the delays among a few other cooncerns. However this wasn’t the first time, even the first shipment of the DK2 was delayed.