Here’s A No Man’s Sky Gameplay With Trading and NPCs

Despite the recently released No Man’s Sky gameplay, Hello Games’ adventurous title did not impress some people at Microsoft which is a shocker for some while others have actually started to question the worth of the game.

Now, the developers have allowed a good 21 minute long gameplay to be shared with the audience so that they can get a better look at what is in the game and how of it plays out.

New No Man’s Sky Gameplay Features Trading and NPCs

In the video embedded above, you will be able to meet a number of non playable characters in the game, being brought to the gameplay limelight for the first time. This tell us how much of a variety does the game have (something a number of people have questioned in the past).

More importantly, you get to see how trading works in the game. This is one thing that has only been talked about in the past as an important part of the game, but has not been shown off in action.

There is even more; some level of exploration, excavation of relics that have been left around by aliens who could have visited any given planet in the past and so on.

The video also takes you on a tutorial of sorts by showing off the number of things you will be doing at the new planets that you visit for the first time – trading items being one of those tasks.

The No Man’s Sky gameplay is not the first of its kind, and will certainly not the be the last. Check back later for more.