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Final Fantasy XV Flying Car is for Transportation Only, No Flying Enemies

Toward the end of a Final Fantasy XV trailer we got a peek at Noctic’s flying car. This fueled speculations of aerial combat etc. However, that won’t be the case as confirmed by Square Enix.

Director Hajime Tabata has confirmed that Final Fantasy XV flying car will only be for transportation. Players will have full controll over it but developers don’t plan on placing enemies in the sky. Moreover, players who are interested in taking this beauty for a spin in the skies would have to wait until they reach a certain point in the game.

Don’t expect to unlock this early on.

Final Fantasy XV and its car have attracted a lot of attention since the very first time we saw Noctis and party driving. You will get to take control of it yourself come September 30.

While driving, players can take a break and enjoy the beautiful scenery, take pictures and post them online (Facebook, Twitter).

These pictures can been viewed once you set up camp. Your journey will begin when you get access to the car but early on in the game your car will break down and will need to repaired at a nearby workshop.

This is the point where you will be given complete access to the map, side quests and more. There areĀ many other details about the game, story, gameplay and environment.

Final Fantasy XV will release on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. There are rumors of a PC version but we shouldn’t expect to see in any time soon. However, Tabata said that its PC version will have more content if it ever releases. They will be able to add features that were cut due to hardware limitations.