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Titanfall 2: What We Want and Do Not Want

When Titanfall released in 2014 it was one of the hyped game releases that got enough attention from the community to warrant a sequel. Although the general impression has been that earnings and sales from the game were not shooting for the skies, Titanfall 2 might just change that.

However, since the developers are in early stages of the game’s development it would be a good idea to voice some of our concerns as well as wishes for the next game.

Indeed there were a number of aspects of Titanfall that made it work for countless fans. There was verticality, fast paced gameplay, titans, and wall running – all of which are features shooter fans love these days.

The traditional team deathmatch pitting you against robots was also liked by a large number of players, but that doesn’t mean there are areas that we want to be improved.

To start with the aforementioned, Titanfall 2 could really do with some new and larger game modes and some bigger maps that support more players than 12 i.e. the number Titanfall supported. Imagine optionally having 50 players storming in!

There are other elements of the multiplayer that really need betterments. One of those is progression; continuously upgrading characters and weapons is not something everyone wants, especially not as half-assedly as the last entry in the game. So what we basically want is that they should either do the multiplayer progression like it is supposed to be done or remove it.

If you have played the original game, you would also agree that it could have had a better story. Not that the single player story can be the selling point of a shooter like this, but it is a feature that adds value to the game.

They could maybe add some more context, some more meaning and maybe even some emotions to it all, that would help making those single player campaigns add some color and a new look to the game itself.

Weapons in Titanfall 2 should also get a bump – which they will, probably – because only a handful of variants like the past is not going to be welcome now. Same goes for the variety of environments.

Did you also notice how winning or losing did not really matter in terms of story progression in the original Titanfall? That takes away the worth in replayability, something that the original game lacked due to a number of other reasons too like lack of incentives to battle again once you hit the level cap.

Mechs in the original game were lost pretty easy for the effort players put in to get them, that was frustrating for many and would do with a makeover as well.

While that is all I have in mind right now, what other things do you want or don’t want in Titanfall 2?