Titanfall 2 is Multiplatform, Should it Be Cross-Network as Well?

Respawn has officially revealed its new TitanFall game with a brief teaser. The original game was released back in 2014 and although it didn’t shatter sales records, it had enough potential and fan support for us to expect a sequel.

TitanFall 2 was confirmed around a year ago but details were scarce. Respawn kept its cards close to its chest and it still does until June 12, the day TitanFall 2 will get gameplay footage, a full trailer and new details, and possible a release date.

We already discussed what we want and don’t want from TitanFall 2. However, there is one feature that I personally think would be really cool for TitanFall 2, cross network play.

TitanFall feels like the perfect game to bring all three of the major gaming platforms – PlayStation, Xbox, PC – of the world together.

Microsoft is already on board with the idea, actually, the company was the one who proposed and is ready to implement it. Sony has already been doing cross platform for a while but not with Xbox. However, Sony said it isn’t against the idea.

Meanwhile, GabeN the head of Valve, has made it clear that his company supports cross-network play as well. All three companies are on board and it is just a matter of time cross platform play is finally implemented.

That’s where TitanFall 2 fits perfectly.

Its unique and engaging multiplayer mode mixed with a single player coop (if any) feature would suit cross-network play perfectly. The game will surely follow and improve upon its exciting multiplayer structure so we can expect it to be something special.

We already know that TitanFall 2 will have a singleplayer campaign and adding a coop feature expands the possibilities of what can be done using cross network play.