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There is Potentially a New Titanfall 2 Pilot Ability

Following the release of Titanfall 2’s teaser trailer yesterday, further details are no seeping through prior to the full reveal on June 12. This includes a possible new Titanfall 2 pilot ability. All we know so far for sure is that one of the titans will be wielding an enormous sword and that the title is now coming to Sony’s console following the Microsoft-exclusivity of the original.

A former Respawn Entertainment employee’s LinkedIn profile has eluded to a new “top secret” pilot ability that will be made available for the multiplayer sequel.

The developer’s profile also explains that Respawn have spent the last 18 months “working on server-side network optimizations for Titanfall 2” to help “reduce dedicated server cost, reduce bandwidth usage and improve the fidelity of the multiplayer experience”.

It goes on to explain however:

Work has been completed on a “large server-side network system rewrite to support Titanfall 2 and successfully prototyped a new pilot ability (top secret!) which was well received by the team and should make it into the final game”.

As you would expect, the developers are confident that the game will be a success adding that they are “100% confident that Titanfall 2 will be an incredible multiplayer experience”.

In Titanfall, pilots are the characters used when outside of the mechs and have many unlockable abilities as well as parkour features as well as double-jumping and wall-running. It is possible for pilots alone to take down titans using anti-titan weapons but going one-on-one is never a wise choice. It’s exciting to see what this Titanfall 2 pilot ability could add to the mix.

There are plenty of changes that fans are looking for in Titanfall 2, including a possible single-player campaign, but have a look at what we want (and don’t want) to see in the innovative first-person shooter from the studio made up of some former Call of Duty employees.