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Six of the Mirror’s Edge Catalyst Corporations Detailed by DICE

The general backstory of Mirror’s Edge Catalyst is that the city that it takes place in, called Glass, is dominated by a large number of big corporations that run the city with an iron fist, making it a fascist dictatorship, a gilded cage that the majority of the populace are all too happy to live in.

DICE has just unveiled more information about the Mirror’s Edge Catalyst corporations in question, similar to how they unveiled various districts in Glass.

Glass is ruled by a conglomerate of thirteen different corporations, whose advertisements are everywhere as they control every aspect of life in the city. DICE unveiled six of these corporations in a blog post on the Mirror’s Edge website.

First, there’s the Kruger Holdings company. Kruger Holdings is a private security firm in Glass that handles security, weapons production, and mining for the city, but also is the largest and most influential of the conglomerate.

Silvine Systems is second of the Mirror’s Edge Catalyst corporations, which manufactures hardware and software for the computers in Glass, where it has swallowed every competitor as it shot to the top of the market due to its high-quality products. They produce security cameras, tablets, and entertainment.

Callaghan Construction Corp is the company that handles most of the building projects in Glass, responsible for creating the beautiful, shining white city that Mirror’s Edge has become famous for.

Maya Media Group is responsible for the government propaganda machine, controlling all news channels, sports networks, and entertainment television in the country.

Anansi Group is the last company they have detailed. Though it’s most likely named after Anansi, the spider-like character of African folklore, the Anansi Group is the final niche that all of the other companies wouldn’t fill, and creates various sundries for the citizens of Glass such as beds, toothpicks, diapers, and more.

We may learn about the seven other Mirror’s Edge Catalyst corporations sometime in the future, but for now we’ll have to wait until Mirror’s Edge Catalyst releases on May 24.