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Phil Spencer Says Quantum Break Will Improve

Bad PC ports have always been a problem in the gaming industry and this generation has been no exception. This time Quantum break is in the spotlight for having a bad PC port. With the issues like Stuttering, FPS drops, Texture pop-ups and more.

Head of the Xbox division, Phil Spencer, took to twitter to give hope and explain things to the PC owners .

When asked about the making PC games playable Spencer said:

We want to do a better job with PC releases, no question. We are taking the feedback and working to get better.

When a fan asked him why they bother with the PC version of the game and how Universal Windows Platform(UWP) is just the next version of GFWL, Spencer replied:

GoWU got better, QB will as well, KI was fine. Want to have great launches, not there yet but focused on getting better.

It certainly gives an impression that Microsoft does want to fix the issues in the PC version of Quantum Break and want to make good on their promise. But it seems impossible as Remedy, developer of the Quantum break, has admitted openly that not all issues can be fixed because the real problem is their game engine itself.

The issue is not just with Quantum Break on PC, it’s widespread when it comes to PC Games. Not long ago, Batman Arkham Knight released with such a bad PC port that Warner Brothers offered refunds to PC players.

Quantum Break released on April 5 2016 for Xbox one and PC.