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New Xbox One Model Coming in; News at E3 2016?

Well, these things never stop coming in. It looks like we have a very solid chance that Microsoft is working on another new Xbox One model as we speak.

We have spotted some FCC (Federal Communications Commission) filings that are directly related to the hardware. Microsoft has filed two filings revealing that Microsoft is testing a wireless chip for FCC approval.

The chip comes with related codes for the Xbox One.

The filings made now are for FCC ID C3K1682 and FCC ID C3K1683. This is similar to FCC ID C3K1525 which is the code for Xbox One (you can see it on the bottom of your console too).

While the new filings could have been for anything, the contents of FCC ID C3K1683 also have a “User Manual 1525.” Upon opening this you get the user manual that was put up on FCC by Microsoft for the Xbox One itself.

So basically C3K1683 is a product that uses the same user manual file as the Xbox One, which can only mean that we are looking at a new Xbox One model.

Now we are not sure what exactly this means in the context of what Phil Spencer had said about Microsoft being content with this generation and that they will not follow the footsteps of Sony in terms of the alleged PS4K. He has said that Microsoft would rather stay conventional and move to the next generation when the time is right.

Now this new FCC filing could be for the next generation Xbox but chances of that are rather slim (pun definitely intended). This is because the FCC filing for model 1683 has a June 25 date for NDA expiry and such a quick NDA expiry cannot be for a next generation model.

Also, if it was the next generation console the user manual at least would have been different.

That being said, if the embargo is to be lifted on June 25, E3 2016 might bring us the official word on this!

Oh and lastly, we don’t know what C3K1682 is about, maybe Microsoft is working on the new Xbox One model, the Xbox Slim and the Xbox neXt both?

Thanks, Federal Communications Commission.