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New The Division Incursion Has Already Been Completed By One Player

The first Incursion from The Division is now live through April’s update today, but the supposedly super-hard segment has already been beaten by one eager player. Falcon Lost is the inaugural raid-like The Division Incursion and you can find out all the in-and-outs of what this includes here.

One player by the name of aN_Crime has already posted pictures of his success though including his rewards:

incursion 1

incursion 2

incursion 3

The difficulty for Falcon Lost is set to ‘hard’, with a ‘challenging’ mode available on top of this. One review from a player on Twitch reads as the following:

“15 waves in a big room. A ‘vehicle’ that doesn’t seem to move fires at you. You turn off two turrets and plant a bomb… Between each wave I think. Its like that tank thing in Destiny but 100x less cool and looks tougher with better rewards than Destiny (as that one was a miniboss really).”

This isn’t the most glowing of recommendations for the update, and seems just like another way to get a lot more valuable loot as well as offering a distinct challenge. It is available through a free update though so it’s not like players will have to pay any extra for the new mode. You can check out some screenshots of Falcon Lost as well as all the fixes included in today’s update right here.

aN_Crime is surely not the only player to have finished Falcon Lost by now with the wave-like mode taking roughly an hour to complete if you have the ability. He is the only one to confirm what can be gained through completion though which offer insight into what can be won. Have you played the new update, and more importantly did you enjoy it? If so, let us know your opinions in the comments below.