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Expect Don’t Starve Shipwrecked This Spring On PS4

Fans of the Don`t Starve would be pleased to hear that Don’t Starve Shipwrecked will be released for PS4, sometime this spring.

Looks like Klei’s offer to Capy to work on their game was not a joke but a serious proposition. These fellow Canadian Independent Studio buddies joined forces to bring their critically acclaimed game to the PS4.

There have been no mention, as of yet, about the changes that will happen in the PS4 version of Don’t Starve Shipwrecked. But the key is to adapt the survival gameplay of Don`t Starve to the tropical Islands.

Klei also announced, that they are also looking into the possibility of PlayStation Vita port for Shipwrecked, so that you can have your fix of Don`t Starve on the road.

Dan Vader, lead writer and designer at Capybara, said that Klei Entertainment gave them no specific rules but wanted them to challenge themselves to deliver.

His official statement reads:

Looking for a fresh take on their beloved survival game, Klei asked Capy if we’d be interested in creating a new expansion. They gave us no guidelines or rules for what we could do with a Don’t Starve game — just a blank canvas in the form of their amazing video game with a wickedly-committed community of diehard fans.

He also wrote:

After jumping into the Don’t Starve deep end and throwing around ideas for where to take it, what stuck was the idea of transplanting the Don’t Starve characters and mechanics to a whole new, built-from-scratch world: one of sun-scorched desert islands featuring brand new biomes, creatures, bosses, weapons, and ways to avoid starvation. And then the secret ingredient: just add water. And boats. Oh, and crabbits .

Don`t Starve released for PC on 1st of December 2015. Don’t Starve Shipwrecked is already available as DLC for the PC!