Dota 2 Roshan Bug Found; Kill Roshan Outside Pit with Most Heroes

A new Dota 2 Roshan bug has been found in the game which allows users to kill Roshan even from outside the pit. Not only that, the bug is pretty significant as it appears to be working with a majority of the heroes.

We have added a video showing how Roshan can be killed by as many as between 60 and 80 percent of the heroes, you can check it our embedded above.

From the looks of it, this Dota 2 Roshan bug is related to an issue with the map and the trees around the pit where Roshan is. You just get in position and you can singlehandedly keep hitting Roshan and kill it without even needing to do down or asking for help from anyone else.

We are expecting that Valve Corporation will be fixing the bug as soon as they can, but so far they have not confirmed whether they are developing a fix or not.