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The Best Way to Play Dark Souls 3

Since Dark Souls 3 releases today which means you should mark everything done on your checklist now. One of the things on that checklist should be the controller configurations, and the newly released video from Valve featuring Steam controller configurations for the game is exactly what you need for that.

We have added the video above that takes you on a tutorial through the setting up process to get you the best way that you can play it.

If you took advantage of the Steam controller discount that was being offered as a Dark Souls 3 preorder by Valve, it would also make sense for you to look up the Steam controller configurations for the game.

Moreover, while this is for the PC version of the game, another thing that you would benefit from is our PC tweaks guide that you can use to improve the graphics of the game as well as the general performance.

Also, since you will be diving in to the world of the undead today, it is a good idea to be equipped with knowledge on what you can use to take them on. On that front, our weapons locations guide is going to be of extreme importance.

Last but not the least, get you initiation about the covenants in the game, their rewards, how and where to join each from our covenants locations guide.