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Titanfall 2 Teaser Trailer Brings the Chills and Swords

If you’re one of the many people that bought Respawn Entertainment’s “Titanfall”, thought it was awesome, but quickly fell off the wagon due to the lack of content in the game (and the lack of a “real story”), you might be in luck. Early this morning the official EA UK YouTube channel posted a video that showed the new Titanfall 2 teaser trailer.

The Titanfall 2 teaser trailer takes place in a jungle, much like a number of the other maps in the previous game where many of the maps took place in various bits of wilderness (ranging from a tiny village in the shadow of a crashed ship, a map that took place in the crashed ship, and the desert planet with flying predators that were just as dangerous as the enemy players.

Over the monologue of a man talking about the risks of being a hero (possibly Vice-Admiral Graves from the last game, who mutinied from the IMC to join the Militia after the second-to-last mission), we see some kind of drop pod in the jungle, that’s approached by a Titan.

Said Titan then proceeds to stick a sword in the ground. There weren’t any real melee weapons in the last game aside from your requisite knife, which could also be used to hack turrets and the robotic Specter soldiers. The Titans, however, had no melee weapons besides punching, so swords could be a very cool edition.

Of course, that depends on how good the game’s campaign mode is, rather than it just being a glorified run through the multiplayer maps with a few set-pieces in them. If Respawn is unable to make a compelling story out of the new game we may have another example of a game that has a huge amount of hype around it only to be dropped as soon as another game comes out because there’s nothing to keep people interested.

Titanfall 2 will be getting a worldwide reveal on June 12 at E3 2016, so we’ll have to wait a few more months to see it.