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League of Legends Champion Buried at Sea

Here’s something you probably weren’t expecting to hear today: League of Legends Champion Nautilus has been recreated in monolithic form and buried off the coast of Australia.

Riot Games have decided to immortalise the popular champion in both an unusual but also very eco-friendly way this week, with Nautilus the clear winner in a vote to see which Champion should be buried at sea. Artificial reefs not only stand the test of time but also act as a feeding station for all sorts of sealife acting as a natural spot for algae to collect for smaller fish, therefore attracting larger fish with even larger fish behind them and thus continuing the circle of life for years to come.

Thousands of players’ names have been etched onto the League of Legends Champion which will of course erode away in time, but is still a brilliant touch from Riot. The names are made up of Oceanic players that took part in Ocean Week 2015, consisting of nautical-based games and characters that built up a huge point total that in turn allowed for the construction of the reef.

You can check out the structure’s placement below, including the many plaques of players’ names, that will hopefully serve as a home to thousands of fish for decades to come.

Nautilus will act as part of a more complete artificial reef that will be years in the making, but it’s a unique and pretty cool way to make sure no-one ever forgets about the MOBA by immortalising one of its champions in stone forever.

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