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Final Fantasy 7 Remake Scale, Changes, and More Discussed by the Producer

The producer of the Final Fantasy 7 remake, Yoshinori Kitase, sat down with Game Informer today to discuss what Square Enix would be doing with the game, including the scale of it, changes that they made, and more.

Rumors have already come out that the game will be coming out in three thirty-hour chunks, more than enough time for any Final Fantasy fan to be able to do a completionist run, though Kitase’s response to that question shows that the rumors could be wrong.

Square Enix “has an idea” in terms of how many installments Final Fantasy VII Remake may consist of,” but can’t share that at the moment. The scenario and stories are currently in development, so “the plan may change along the way,” Kitase said, but reiterated, “we do have a vision for how many installments it will consist of.”

However, he does say that each segment of the game will be like a full game.

“It will essentially be a full-scale game for each part of the multi-part series,” Kitase said. Whereas each entry in the Final Fantasy XIII series told the story from a different angle,”we already have a preexisting story [with Final Fantasy VII Remake], so it wouldn’t really make sense if that isn’t encompassed in the multi-part series, and it wouldn’t make sense to remake it if we don’t encompass that that entire story. With regards to the current HD capacity and volume, the idea is that we wouldn’t be able to encompass it all in just one installment. So, if we’re just looking at each of these parts, one part should be on par with the scale of one Final Fantasy XIII game.”

Square Enix has also changed the Final Fantasy 7 remake’s battle system to be less like its original incarnation, and more action-based like Final Fantasy Dissidia, the Final Fantasy fighting game that came out in 2008.

Kitase has also, however, said that the game may not be as we remember it, and that some surprises may be in store even for people that have previously played the game.

“If it’s just nostalgia, it’s just a matter of following the story, and there wouldn’t be any surprises. So, in that sense, we want to balance out the areas we would like change versus the areas we don’t in order to have that nostalgia, but also the surprises.”