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Fallout 3 Fan Goes Through All of Fallout 3 Without Healing

And you thought you had big brass balls for liking to go through Fallout New Vegas on Hardcore Mode. One particularly skillful, insane, and very very careful Fallout 3 fan decided one day that he would go through the entirety of Fallout 3 and all of its accompanying DLC without healing a single time.

The player in question, a YouTuber known as Many A True Nerd, first began his pharmacophobic (fear of medicine) journey through the Capital Wasteland eight months ago in a series of videos titled “You Only Live Once”, vowing to get through the entire game and its DLCs without once stopping to heal.

Going from his initial departure from Vault 101 to the end of Fallout 3: Broken Steel, Many A True Nerd completed his journey with 93 health points left out of a pool of 560.

Many A True Nerd focused his character build on health and stealth in order to both take large amounts of damage and avoid enemies that could result in him dying.

Many A True Nerd had previously gone on a no-heals run through Fallout: New Vegas as well, finishing that before going onto Fallout 3. Right now, he’s going through Fallout 4 on a No Guns run (easier than it sounds due to various melee weapons available), even with the large numbers of powerful enemies that would normally require some of the game’s largest weapons such as a Fat Man or a missile launcher to take down.

Many A True Nerd <a href="http://“>isn’t the only Fallout 3 fan that’s done a weird run through Fallout 3 or any other Fallout game. Others, such as Kyle Hinckley, managed to get all the way through Fallout 4 without killing anyone through the use of dialogue options, enabled by his character’s high Charisma stat that could even calm Deathclaws, or leading enemies to other enemies and having them fight it out.

Nerd’s run, however, is more difficult: At least Hinckley could heal, but with all of the powerful enemies in Fallout 3, including Feral Ghoul Reavers, the Abominations of Mothership Zeta, and more, you can’t really help but wonder how frustrating it really was for him. If you want to follow his journey through the Wasteland, you can find his channel on YouTube.