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The Destiny April Update is Over 1.7 GB in Size

The highly-anticipated Destiny April update should be releasing for Xbox One and Playstation 4 players at some point tomorrow, and it’ll be a bit of a doozy: the update will be 1.7 gigabytes on a game that’s already 48 gigs: 30 for the base game and its expansions, then 18 for the Taken King expansion.

The update will be a bit easier on people with previous generation consoles, with the Playstation 3 only needing 1040 mb and Xbox 360 only needing 739.

The Destiny April update is supposed to be bringing a good deal of new content to the game, including a number of new missions, a new Strike, a higher maximum Light level, new armor, weapons, and items.

These include a special daily item called the Sterling Treasure that will give you a random item, and can be gotten through three ways: the weekly reset, completing a Level 41 Prison of Elders run (itself one of the new additions to the game) and completing one match in the weekly Crucible playlist.

Guardians can also pimp out their look through a new group of faction armor sets and the Desolate set, a suit of Taken-ized gear if you think the starry look of Oryx’s monstrous slave-army is something you’d like to have.

Players will also now find it easier than ever to increase their Light level, as every area of the game, whether it’s the Crucible, the Iron Banner, the King’s Fall raid, or the Court of Oryx and Prison of Elders challenge zones, you can now find a multitude of different ways to increase your Light level.

With various rumors that the second segment of Destiny in Activision’s ten-year plan for the game will be arriving soon, the April update is a vital part of Destiny for anyone that’s still playing it and looking forward to when Destiny 2 hits sometime in 2017.