Classic Doom Now Available for Oculus Rift

Classic Doom has been released for Oculus Rift thanks to the hard work of some hardcore Doom fans. It over years to get it ready but now that is is finally available, it looks pretty decent.

Here’s how you can download play the game on Oculus Rift.


To play GZ3Doom in Oculus Rift mode:

Install Oculus Runtime 1.3
Install recent display driver version
Download GZ3Doom
Obtain a .WAD file for the game you want to play, and place the .WAD file in the same folder you installed GZ3Doom to Turn on your Oculus Rift
Test the Oculus Home scene in the Oculus Rift to make sure your Rift functions
Launch GZ3Doom, preferably using the Rift launch shortcut Start Menu->Programs->GZ3Doom->”GZ3Doom on Oculus Rift”
Set video mode to 640×480
Activate Oculus Rift mode by typing in the zdoom console:
> vr_mode 8

See Tips section below, for more suggestions.

To activate the zdoom console, press “~” (tilde).

Other 3D mode (vr_mode) options for vr_mode console command:

0 Mono/Off/Normal
1 Green-Magenta anaglyph
2 Red-Cyan anaglyph
3 Side-by-side
4 Side-by-side narrow
5 Left-eye view
6 Right-eye view
7 Quad-buffered (3D Vision)
8 Oculus Rift

Oculus Rift is now available for PC for $599. You will need a GTX 970 for an optimal exprience. If you do plan on getting an Oculus Rift it is best you properly read its privacy policy as it has some shady points.