Metal Gear Voice Actor David Hayter Wants Actors to Stand Up for Themselves

The situation between Hideo Kojima and David Hayter is known to every Metal Gear fan out there and we know it isn’t pretty. The voice actor has always been Snake, but Hideo Kojima replaced him with Keifer Sutherland in Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain.

David Hayter recently revealed that Hideo Kojima wanted to replace him since Metal Gear Solid 2: Sons of Liberty. He had to re audition for Snake Eater. Hayter shared his feeling about Kojima and made it clear that he had to particular love for the man.

Part of the community criticized Kojima while others supported Kojima’s decision to go with a different voice for The Phantom Pain. It is Konami’s right to change voices and go with a different actor but the problem was with the process they choose to replace Hayter.

Hayter described it as “disrespectful.”

David Hayter appreciates the support from fans but he felt the need to explain why he shared his feelings about what Konami and Hideo Kojima did.

He says that he wants voice actors to stand up for themselves.

I brought up my feelings about Hideo Kojima and about the whole thing because I want voice actors to be able to stand up for themselves. I can stand up for myself in ways other actors can’t, because I don’t need the work. I have got lots of money, I have this other amazing career.

I would worry about actors who don’t have money and need a job. He went on to say that someone once wrote him a letter saying that he won’t get another job as a voice and Hayter was really pissed about it. The fact is, David has more work today than ever.

I want everyone to understand what the situation was, so that voice actors who are in the same situation and are threatened with being fired for whatever reason, they are asking for more money or publicity or whatever, that they know how it can play out, where they can be brave and where they should be prudent. But beyond that I am very happy with my experience with Metal Gear. I am thrilled with how my story ended.

To fans David Hayter will always be Snake, it would be interesting to see if Konami ever hires him back for another Metal Gear Solid. Will he accept such an offer? I doubt it.

You can see his entire interview in the video above.