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BioWare Founder Says PS4K is Complete Lunacy

One of the hottest topics on the internet these days is PS4K, a rumored mid-cycle upgrade of Sony’s new machine. The original PlayStation 4 came out in 2013 and PS4K is going support 4K media and 4K upscaling of video games.

There are different opinions on whether or not a PS4K should be released. But if it does, how will it impact game development and game developers? The question was asked to retired Bioware Founder Greg Zeschuk and he believes that PS4K will be a pain in the ass for developers.

He said that supporting different platforms isn’t unprecedented but it won’t be an ideal situation for developers.

It’s funny, there’s actually some stories behind that. For example, the original Xbox…Microsoft actually had multiple different DVD drives. They didn’t tell anyone that, but as a developer you discovered that you have different performance and sometimes you’d have these boxes of refurbished drives and different brands and different equipment. It caused incredible variability

Zeschuk believes console specs should remain closed so that developers know exactly what they are developing for.

The whole purpose of consoles is the set of requirements that you work against from a hardware perspective. To change that is complete lunacy.

Nothing is confirmed yet but many source have mentioned PS4K and claim that a reveal is coming in a few months. The new console will cost around $399 while the base model PS4 will see a drop in price.

Do you support mid-cycle console upgrades?

Source: GameStop