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The Technomancer Xbox One Runs At 900p/30FPS

The Technomancer is going to run at 30FPS using a resolution of 900p on Xbox One. The developers believe that running the game at 900p with 30FPS ensures a smooth experience on the console.

Once again, we are seeing a current-gen console failing to hit 1080p which is a major disappointment. Spider only mentioned Microsoft’s console so far, meaning PlayStation 4 users can expect the game to hit 1080p/30FPS.

Moreover, Spider believes that unlocking the 7th Core doesn’t do much for PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. The difference in performance is minor but it helps to squeeze a little more juice out of the systems.

Previously, Spider CEO spoke with SegmentNext during a detailed Interview and said that they “are still in the phase of debug and optimization of the game, so all the options are still on the table.

And this is true for all the platforms. For the PC version we have no plan to cap the frame rate. But again, we may be forced to do so if this cause instability problems. Anyway if this is the case, the cap will be high.”

Jehanne Rousseau said that their studio is capable to develop a decent PC port and rather than outsourcing PC development, like most studios these days, they are doing everything internally.

The Technomancer is an upcoming post-apocalyptic role-playing game set on Mars during the War of Water. A final release date is yet to be announced but expect more details in the coming months.

How do you feel about The Technomancer Xbox One running at 900p?