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Shadow of Mordor Dev Working on NX?

Is Shadow of Mordor dev is working on a NX game?

Monolith Studios, the developer behind Shadow of Mordor, is working on a new project and it looks like Nintendo NX may be involved.

The developer is apparently developing a multiplatform game for Sony, Microsoft and Nintendo. Warner Bros. is looking for a QA officer with knowledge of Certification of Microsoft (TCR Compliance), Sony ( TRC Compliance), or Nintendo (Lot Check).

Nintendo NX

They can’t be working on Wii U so the best bet here is Nintendo NX. There were rumors of Shadow of Mordor sequel but we can’t be sure of the project being Shadow of Mordor 2 just by this one job listing. Just recently, Shadow of Mordor 2 appeared on a stunt actress’s resume.

Monolith hasn’t said anything about their next game but it has been a while since Morder came out and since E3 is just around the corner, we may see a reveal from WB during the event.