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Rockstar Reveals New Grand Theft Auto Online Mode, Double XP Announced

Rockstar Games, the developers of the Grand Theft Auto series, have released a new Grand Theft Auto Online mode, and are welcoming the mode in with a Double XP weekend.

Inch By Inch, the name of the new Grand Theft Auto Online mode, is a team-based game mode that will be put in the game on April 12. In it, teams of players must get a package from one side of a field to another, while the other team tries to stop them.

The game will be more difficult than it sounds, according to Rockstar. You’ll have to claw your way there inch by inch while the other team shoots at you, and the player that holds the package won’t be able to shoot anything, forcing the rest of the team to cover them.

The package carrier will also have an ability to give them a burst of speed to try and make a mad dash for the other team’s endzone.

The event for Inch By Inch is being marked with the Adversary Week event, which runs from April 8 to April 14. Grand Theft Auto Online players will get double money and RP in the Adversary Modes playlist, and will also get half off when buying shotguns (40% off), sniper rifles (25% off), body armor (50% off), and some attachments (shotgun and sniper, 50% and 30%, respectively).

Thus, when you do get to play the new Grand Theft Auto Online mode, you’ll be nice and prepared for everything that the mode might have.

The playlists for Adversary Week are fairly simple, each taking up a small segment of the week: Adversary Modes 1 will be available today and tomorrow. April 10 and April 11 will be Adversary Modes 2, while April 12 to April 14 will be taken up by the Inch by Inch mode.

And, last (and most likely least), a new car will be coming to the game’s auto-shop on April 12. This car, the Vapid Minivan, will be a good vehicle for groups to ride around Los Santos in.