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Rumor: Nintendo NX Supports 4K Resolution for Streaming and Upscaling

Nintendo NX Supports 4K Resolution and DDR4 memory, Nintendo finally making a beefy machine?

Another day and another set of NX related information leak. The latest leak mentions that NX is capable of 4K resolution and may use DDR4 memory.

Nintendo NX won’t use native 4K resolution, instead, it would upscale games to 4K. DDR4 memory is the fastest we have for consumer market right now so we can expect to see its impact on UI smoothness and multi-tasking (if that is a feature).

The news came from a verified reddit user who previously claimed that Nintendo NX will use a x86 architecture. Below is the full list of details he revealed.

  • The retail name for the NX is unknown to developers (or they are holding back). I’ve asked multiple sources.
  • I know of at least 1 third-party Wii U game that has/have been successfully ported to NX.
  • Amiibo are still supported (if you hadn’t already guessed).
  • Friend codes are still a thing (unfortunately).
  • I don’t know when the NX will be announced. Speculation is this month.
  • There are multiple “gimmicks” with the NX, one is optional.
  • There are physical dev-kits out in the wild, I don’t have access to these.
  • I don’t know the model of the GPU, however there is little doubt (from what I’ve been told) that it an AMD.
  • The NX is capable of outputting 4k. Consensus is upscaling and streaming.
  • DDR4 Memory (between 6GB – 8GB). EDIT: Available to software.

There are too many leaks around and we can’t discuss them all, however, NX having 4K is worth paying attention to and it makes sense that Nintendo would make its machine powerful enough for such features. Nintendo machines have been lagging behind PlayStation and Xbox in terms of specs for as long as we can remember and it is time all platforms are on par with each other.