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Legend of Zelda for Nintendo NX Bringing Both Male/Female Link?

Apparently the Legend of Zelda for Nintendo NX game will not only be available on both the Nintendo NX and the Wii U, but we will also have the choice between a male and a female Link, according to Emily Rogers, a blogger that focuses on Nintendo and has a good track record of giving out accurate information.

Rogers has actually posted three little tidbits of information on her Twitter page, all of them related to the Zelda for NX game. The third of these, besides the game being available for both the NX and the Wii U and you being able to choose between a male Link and a female Link, the game will also be fully voice acted, except, as always, for Link themselves.

The possibility of a female Zelda has been a point of contention on the internet ever since the announcement of “Linkle” in Hyrule Warriors Legends, the 3DS version of the Wii U game Hyrule Warriors. Linkle, a female version of Link, immediately had a bad reaction from the Internet mainly because Link has always been a boy in every game, with Zelda traditionally fulfilling the primary female role.

However this happens in the Legend of Zelda for Nintendo NX game, we can at least rest in knowing that both the Hero and Heroine of Time will both likely be badass. And we don’t even really know what will be happening in the newest Legend of Zelda game; it’s been kept under a good degree of secrecy, and the only thing we’ve really been shown is that the game will be taking place in a massive open world that you can travel through, rather than going from dungeon to dungeon as in the prior Zelda games.

This may be all of the leaks that we’re getting for the game for a while, so we’ll most likely have to wait until Nintendo’s conference at E3 2016 before we learn more.