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New Killing Floor 2 Update Brings PVP, Become a ZED!

Revenge of the Zeds is the new update that arrives for the Zed slaughtering shooter Killing Floor 2.

The update makes a lot of fixes and changes to the game but the most significant one is the addition of pvp multiplayer mode. Now players can become Zed instead of killing them.

The players can become any of the 11 playable Zeds , like clot, slasher, crawler, flesh pound and many more. Each with its own unique abilities.This mode supports up to six players on each side.

If you are on the team Zed you will start as one of the mindless hordes and work your way through the waves and you can even become Flesh pound or Patriarch.

The update has also included a new tripwire map “Prison”. Set in the dark corners of the Russia where zed outbreak has already spread and we are in a recently abandoned prison with cells, shower blocks and guard towers.

The update has also included “find the soap ” achievement about which I have no idea what it might be.

The update includes two classic weapons that you have always wanted the “Winchester,” a lever action rifle and the “Crossbow”, both of which are cult classics. A new item crafting system have been included now you can break down your items into materials and 70 new community workshop items shipped in new supply crates.

Previously the developer shared their thoughts that a Xbox one release is likely for the game. But for now, Killing Floor 2 itself is in early access and currently on sale for $20. For more on Killing floor 2, Stay tuned.