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For Honor Images Released By Ubisoft Montreal

Ubisoft Montreal programmer Simon Clavet showed up at the Game Developer’s Conference back in March to show the crowd a number of For Honor images that would be showing the audience the work that will go into making the team-based hack-and-slash game look as smoothly as possible.

For Honor was announced at E3 2015 and immediately won praise for its gritty artwork, beautiful graphics, and especially its innovative combat system, known as the Art of Battle.

Using Art of Battle, players in For Honor must play a rock-paper-scissors game with their opponents in order to parry attacks and strike back with attacks of your own, allowing intense duels.

The For Honor images took into account the difficulty of making the movement of the characters realistic, including foot placement, stances, position, orientation, and velocity.

For Honor’s backstory focuses on three different factions: The Chosen, a group of samurai that have been searching for a home and have decided to conquer one instead, the Warborn, a group of Vikings aiming to reclaim land that had been conquered from them long ago, and the Legions, knights who are the current owners of the land that the Chosen and Warborn are attempting to take back.

So far the only game mode that we’ve seen is Domination, a control point game mode where players must struggle for control of various areas of the map, though there will most likely be more.

Ubisoft Montreal has also confirmed that there will be a story mode for the game after criticism from fans that the game might have been multiplayer-only (a common criticism of games built around multiplayer being that they either have terrible story modes or lack them entirely).

The game will also feature a Dynasty Warriors-like mob system, where armies of easily killable NPCs will fight alongside player characters, who are divided into various classes with different weapons and abilities.

There’s no real word of when For Honor will be releasing, but from what little we’ve seen so far it looks like a very fun game. Personally, I’m aiming to choose the Legions, but what are all of your chosen factions going to be?