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Fallout 4 Far Harbor Leaked On SteamDB

It hasn’t been long since Bethesda released Automatron DLC for Fallout 4 and yet another leak related to  second story DLC, Far Harbor has been spotted .

Reddit user “deleted” has uploaded a video which shows Steam DB’s website files for Far harbor.

In the video it is claimed that Far Harbor is the next DLC to be released by Bethesda. The file size for the DLC is apparently 2.68 GB.

The video claims that far Harbor is nearly 6 times larger in size than Automatron DLC and 40% larger than Dragonborn DLC.

Recently there were leaks regarding Far Harbor being bigger than Shivering Isles and Far harbor bringing Ghoul you guai, Squid, Harpoon Gun to the game.

For more on Fallout 4 stay tuned!