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The Fan Legacy Metal Gear Solid Demo Released

The Fan Legacy Metal Gear Solid, previously known as Shadow Moses, is a fan made project that now has a demo. The game is being developed using the Unreal Engine 4 and only recently we found out that David Hayter, the voice of Snake, will be joining the project.

The demo is how available to Windows x64 users and some you may need to download UE4 Prerequisites before the game could run. If you are using Windows 10, like me, you will automatically be asked if you wish to download the Prerequisites. Hit yes and you are good to go.

Below is a message from the development team.

Hi guys!
Here you have a little present. (Sorry for the waiting btw).
With this short demo, you will be able to have a closer idea of our objective with the project.
Inspired by the ‘Cargo Dock’ from MGS1 (1998).
To run the application, execute ‘thefanlegacydemo.exe’
IMPORTANT: Only for Windows X64 systems. (We’ll work on other versions, don’t worry)

Fan Legacy Metal Gear Solid demo is available here, check it out to get a taste of things to come.

This fan-made project was previously known as Shadow Moses but the development couldn’t continue, which we believe was due to Konami. However, the project rose for the ashes recently with a new name and David Hayter on-board.

It will only release for PC but a final release isn’t yet announced.