Destiny April Update: Everything You Need to Know

Destiny April update brings a handful of changes and additions for the game. We will be discussing most of the details of Destiny April update here today.

First off, the light level cap has been raised to 335 and special items will now drop in PvE. PlayStation users will get an exclusive quest from Petra Venj.

You will no longer need any keys to open Prison of Elders chest, open them as many times as you wish per week. You will be able to complete bounties in Prison of Elders and enemies may drop engrams. To make the game more immersive, developers have added an option to remove HUD.

There is now a new Kiosk is the reef that has all your abadanced quests listed.

A brand new Chroma system is being added and Chroma will be available in White, Yellow, Blue, and Red. There is new armor set as well called “Desolate.”

Destiny April update

There is another armor set called bla bla and both Desolate and bla bla can be acquired from Sterling Treasures. Below is a very useful Reddit post that explains more about Destiny April update.

  • Sterling Treasures could be acquired from visiting the postmaster once a week, completing the level 41 Prison of Elders, completing the weekly featured Crucible game mode, and they could also be bought from Eververse for 200 silver.
  • Sterling Treasures has some guaranteed items that it can reward you as well as some possible items that it can reward you. Here are all the items that you could get from Sterling treasures
  • Sterling treasures and dismantling any of the “Spektar” gear are the only two ways to acquire chroma
  • Infusion system has been changed where the item used as infusion fuel gives 100% of the light. As an example, if you are infusing an item with 330 into an item with 3 light, your 3 light item will jump up to 330 and not a value less than that.
  • The vault space will be increased. One page will be added to the Weapon section, Armor section, and the general section of the vault.
  • Vanguard and crucible reputation gains have been greatly increased.
  • Some Year one legendary weapons are coming forward to year two attack values such as The Devil You Know, Shadow Price, LDR 5001, Badger CCL, The Comedian, THE SWARMY-09 Longbow Synthesis, Grim Citizen III, Two to the Morgue, Zombie Apocalypse WF47, The Saterienne Rapier, Lord High Fixer. These year one weapons could be acquired from Vanguard and crucible reward packages.
  • Some of the year one Exotic gear is going to come back in the April update such as The Purifier robes, Eternal warrior, lucky raspberry, ATS/8 Arachnid, ACD/0 feedback fence, Khepri’s sting, the glasshouse, and the Sunbreakers.
  • Some of the year one Exotic guns are going to come back as well in the April update such as the Queenbreaker’s bow, Patience and time, Universal remote, Lord of Wolves, and Dreg’s promise.
  • There is a new emote called “Taken Shiver” that you can acquire from getting a full set of Desolate gear.
  • Tess is going to have 12 new emotes available, 4 of them are legendary and 8 of them are rare.
  • You will be able to get 335 gear from King’s fall (this will not be available on day one, a hotfix will be released later to enable you to get 335 gear from king’s fall), Trials of Osiris, Iron banner, Strike unique items, Exotic engrams, and the Challenge of elders
  • Non-Exotic engrams can drop items up to 310 light level.
  • There is going to be a new legendary Taken sword in the April update which does Void damage that could be acquired through the “At the gates” quest.
  • Faction packages can drop gear up to 330 light level.
  • Heroic strikes now drop gear up 310 light level.

PvE content and changes:

  • The April update will include new bounties, quest lines, one new mission, and one new strike.
  • The winter’s run strike has been updated where you will face a taken Archon Priest and there is a new unique reward assigned to it which as a taken themed shotgun called The Stolen Will.
  • Variks will offer bounties that you can do to earn experience and House of Judgment reputation. These bounties reset with the weekly reset and not the daily reset.
  • The new strike that will be added will be called “The Blighted Chalice Strike” which will be featuring a new Taken boss called “Malok”
  • The old Prison of Elders is not going to be removed. It’s going to stay in the game and there will be no changes to it
  • Two new Prison of Elders game modes will be added. The first one is a match made level 41 light 260 version of Prison of Elders. It will include Four random bosses that change every time. The second one is going to be a level 42 light light 320 version of Prison of Elders and it’s not a match made activity, you have to go there with a pre-made fireteam.
  • The level 41 match made Prison of Elders can get you up to light level 320.
  • The level 42 Prison of Elders can get you up to 335 light level.
  • Court of Oryx will be able to drop artifacts up to 335 light level.
  • A new scoring system has been added to the Prison of Elders, your score is being recorded on a new item called Elder’s sigil, this item is basically score card for the new challenge mode.
  • Every week there will be a modifier on the level 42 Prison of Elders which increases the score you get from doing a specific task (what was shown in the stream was a modifier which grants you more points for precision kills). As I’ve said your score is being recorded on the Elder’s sigil.
  • The Elder’s sigil records your high score and cumulative score, for reaching a high score of 30000 Variks will have a guaranteed weapon waiting for you at the reef, and for reaching a cumulative score of 90000 Variks will reward you with an armor.
  • The Elder’s sigil can drop items that are up 335 light level.
  • The level 42 Prison of Elders only has 3 rounds, and at the end of it you will not be able to go to the treasure room, it’s just n activity to do to get score for your Elder’s sigil.
  • Score is shared between all Fireteam members, as an example if player A gets a kill, the whole team will get score for this kill.
  • Variks can grow inpatient and start taking away from your team score if you stay in the encounter for too long.
  • Generating Orbs of Light can increase your team score.
  • Prison of Elders is NOT going to have check points.
  • If you wipe during one of the rounds of Prison of Elders the score that you have earned in that round will be removed.
  • As you progress in the prison of elders you earn more points for kills, revives, etc.. (as an example, in the first round of the Prison of Elders a kill will reward you will 25 points. In the second round a kill will reward you with 50 points. And in the final round a kill will reward you 75 points.
  • After completing the Challenge of the elders (level 42 prison of elders) you are rewarded with an emblem and a ghost shell as seen here

PvP Content and changes:

  • The radius for reviving has been decreased by 0.5 meters so sprint reviving is no longer possible and reviving takes a little bit more time (0.25 more seconds) .
  • The oversheild you get from reviving someone or from getting revived is a little bit less powerful.
  • If you die in Trials of Osiris it will take you 7 seconds to be revived. If you die again another 7 seconds are added to the timer so you can be revived in 14 seconds, and if you die again another 7 seconds will be added so you can be revived in 21 seconds. Basically every time you die another 7 seconds are added to this timer.
  • Trials of Osiris is going to be available on the 15th of April so it is going to be available immediately after the release of the April update, it’s not going to be similar to the initial release of The Taken king where we had to wait a while for Trials of Osiris for a while to come back.
  • You will be able to spawn with special ammo in the crucible, and special ammo crates will spawn three minutes into the game and then they will spawn every two minutes. These changes are not going to be applied to Mayhem.
  • Heavy ammo crates are going to spawn only once per match which is at the five minute mark and then it never spawns back. These changes are not going to be applied to mayhem.
  • Legendary drops will be increases across all crucible game modes to make crucible feel more like a rewarding place.
  • Trials of Osiris bounties can drop items up to 330 light level.
  • The “His eye upon you” bounty could be completed daily, it refreshes everyday and not every week.
  • Legendary engrams has been removed from the Iron banner loot table and replaced with Iron banner gear.
  • The ghost and the artifact you get from the Iron banner rank three and rank five packages will drop at 320 light. And also items that you get from your rank 5 package can drop up to 335 light.
  • There will be new Trials of Osiris gear available to earn. Here is how the new Trials of Osiris gear looks like:
  • There are not going to be any new crucible maps in the April update, however, some maps will be added to the control playlist such as Burning Shrine, Asylum, Firebase delphi, Anaomaly and cauldron. Bastion, First Light, and Skyshock are going to be removed from the control playlist.

Weapon Changes:

  • High rate of fire Auto rifles will see a small decrease (2.5%) in damage while Low rate of fire Auto Rifles will see a small increase in damage (2.3%)
  • The low rate of fire Pulse rifles will see a small increase to their damage (3%) .
  • Hand Cannons ammo reserve is going to increase.
  • Fusion rifles will have their stability increased which means tighter projectiles which means more accuracy so it’s going to be easier to predict where the burst is going to land.
  • The zoom on the lower zoom scopes will be increased (scopes such as Ambush, long view, and shortgaze) to make snipers less optimal for short range encounters, and more optimal for long range encounters. 2 frames will be added to make it slower to zoom in with a sniper. Stability will also be decreased across all snipers.
  • The Mida Multi tool will have the High Caliber rounds removed.
  • Suros regime will get a damage increase (because it’s in the lower Rate of fire archetype of auto rifles) so the Spinning up perk will trigger later than it used to. And for focused fire it will a increase the range by +45.
  • The Hawkmoon’s range will be increased by +10 so the general accuracy of the gun will be increased.
  • The last word perk doesn’t do bonus damage anymore.
  • Thorn is not coming forward to year two, it will still have its year one damage value. Also It had its Damage over time decreased so that it does the minimum damage that could be done in PvP. And instead of the damage over time doing six pulses it now does only two, and the intensity of the poison screen effects will be decreased.
  • Icebreaker also is not coming forward to year two, it will still be a year one weapon. Switching away from Icebreaker will result in you losing all your Special ammo, this change was done to fix the Special ammo cheese. The handling of the weapon was decreased and the Zoom of its scope was increased.
  • Switching away from a sidearm will result in you losing all your ammo.
  • Dreg’s promise now has the ability to track targets based on ADS lock
  • The 1000 Yard-stare and Qullim’s terminus will have less ammo in their ammo reserve.

Subclass changes:

  • Flame shield provide less shield now and the frequency of the flame shield has been decreased. Also other warlock melees has been brought up a little bit.
  • Fireborn now has a trade-off where having it active would reduce your radiance time. However, if you are not running fireborn you will notice that you might be able to throw more grenades and that some of your allies might have some buffs when you activate your radiance.
  • Firebolt grenades are unchanged.
  • Stormcallers are no longer able to blind enemies upon activating their super, they also are no longer able to destroy titan bubbles.
  • The voidwalker super (novabomb) will see no changes. Energy drain has been improved.

That is all there is to know about Destiny’s latest update.