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Dark Souls Clothing Line Launched; Hoddies, TShirts, Posters

Bandai Namco has launched Dark Souls clothing line for Europe.

Earlier today Bandai Namco tweeted that a “Big announcement” is coming for Dark Souls and we’d be lying if say we weren’t excited to know what it was. However, our excitement bubble exploded and it isn’t a pretty sight. It turns out that the announcement was the launch of Dark Souls clothing line .

Which is a bad thing at all but before the announcement it was being speculated that it could be a remastered collection of Dark Soul or the details about the expansion packs of Dark Souls 3. But as we know now, that isn’t the case at all.

However, we can at least be excited about the release of Dark Souls 3 but wait… there is one little problem with that.

Recently bandai Namco announced  that a game crashing bug has been found in the console version of the game and they are working on a patch for it, but it can be avoided if you play offline. So keep this in mind while playing Dark Souls 3 day-one.

Dark souls 3 releases for PS4, Xbox one, PC on April 12 while Japanese version has already been released on March 25.

If you are from Japan and want some help with Dark Souls 3 or are from the West and want to be prepared for the game, check out our Bone Shards location Guide , Burial Gifts location GuideCovenents Location Guide. Beware of spoilers though.

Lastly, head over here to check out all Dark Souls 3 merchandise;  from Hoodies to cool posters and awesome T Shirts, everything is available.

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