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Dark Souls 3 PC Version is Now Available to Pre-load

If you’re one of those people that have decided to play Dark Souls 3 the best way you can, on a computer, you’re in luck. The Dark Souls 3 PC version is now available to pre-load on Steam!

Of course, the game still doesn’t release until midnight on Monday, so you won’t be able to play it. It’ll just embody the spirit of the game, sitting there, taunting you because you can’t play it until Monday.

The Dark Souls 3 PC version will take up a good chunk of memory on your computer when you download it; it’s a 17 gigabyte chunk of data, but that’s all the more reason to pre-load it now, because otherwise you’ll be stuck for possibly hours waiting for it to fully load on Monday night and you won’t get to play it!

The From Software game, which is apparently going to be the final entry in the Souls series as we know it, has been out in Japan for almost three weeks already, giving Japanese players all the time they need to run through the game and see everything available before Western gamers can.

Despite technical difficulties, the game has picked up a large amount of critical acclaim, and a day one patch that will release when the game hits in the West on April 12.

For those of you that have made every effort to remain unspoiled it’s all fine and well, but if your insatiable curiosity has gotten to you, you’ll most likely be well-prepared for when the game launches.

Unfortunately we still have four days until the game comes out, so if you all can keep from biting your nails off long enough, we’ll soon undoubtedly see a barrage of Dark Souls 3 PC Let’s Plays reviews, and other internet content rolling over the internet within hours.