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The Coalition Releases Gears of War 4 Teaser Trailer

In case you weren’t excited enough about Gears of War 4 since the tidal wave of information given by Game Informer, The Coalition has decided to kick everything up a notch as it has released a Gears of War 4 teaser via the Xbox Twitter page.

The teaser’s only eight seconds, but its tagline, “The Nightmare Continues”, along with its dark and sinister imagery, lends the idea of it returning to the darker, creepier, more self-contained story of the previous series. The teaser is also the prelude to an upcoming Gears of War 4 trailer, which is due to premiere on TV during the second season premiere of “Fear the Walking Dead.”

The teaser depicts the game’s main protagonist JD Fenix running through a dark forest, panting heavily and spraying gunfire back towards the screeching shapes that are chasing after him. What’s chasing him are likely the Whelps, the Wretch analogue for the Swarm, the newest villains of the Gears of War franchise.

The trailer that the Gears of War 4 teaser was supposed to be for would have been announced on Monday, April 11, at 3:00. However, leaks on social media unveiled that the trailer was incoming. Due to the leaks it was moved up to be put on TV during “Fear The Walking Dead.”

With the trailer, the Game Informer issue that was entirely focused around Gears of War 4, and more, The Coalition appears to be turning up the speed on the hype train.

The trailer will be titled “The Nightmare Reborn,” though what we’ll be seeing during the trailer is yet to be seen aside from JD being chased through the woods.

Whatever is happening with the trailer, we’ll have to wait until Monday in order to see it before we can know anything more about the game besides what we’ve already been told through the Game Informer exposé.