Uncharted 4 Won’t Define Nathan Drake

How do you see Nathan Drake? Adventurer, treasure hunter, or a mass murderer? No matter what you think of him is one of the most loved PlayStation characters of all time.

Since the release of Drake’s Fortune, Nathan Drake has been an iconic character who has been compared with Lara Croft, Indiana Jones but still he holds his own identity.

What makes Nathan Drake so popular is him being vulnerable, he is not your usual tough guy. He has people he cares about and is clumsy. He makes decisions that push away the people he love. He loves to hunt down the deepest, darkest secrets of the world but at the same time Elaina, his wife, wants him to have a normal life.

He was having one until Sam Drake, his brother, showed up and took him on a new adventure which Elaina doesn’t know about. He is divided between his love for treasure hunting and a normal family life.

So will Uncharted 4 finally define Nathan Drake? Well, Uncharted 4 won’t define Nathan Drake.

There is not a single moment in Uncharted 4 that is going to define Nathan Drake. According to Ricky Cambier, lead designer:

I don’t believe that any one moment defines any one of us. There will be no moment where you go ‘ohhh, that explains Nathan Drake!’ I think there will be a smaller ‘oh’ – if that makes sense. You’ll be able to connect a few more pieces.

That was a big challenge: what is resolution for Nathan Drake? I think we achieved it, I hope that other people feel that way too

Uncharted 4 will be the last Drake game but there is change the series will continue without him. The Last of Us 2 will go into full development after the release of Uncharted 4.

The title releases on PS4 on May 10.

Via: The Guardian