Umbrella Corps Delayed By Capcom, Coming in June

Looks like announcing a release date for Major titles and then delaying them has become a norm for the game Industry. This time Capcom’s Resident evil inspired Umbrella Corps is the victim. Umbrella Corps delayed to 21st of June isn’t something fans will be too happy about.

However, to make up for it Capcom has shared a new trailer for Umbrella Corps.

The trailer shows a lot of character customization. Defeating your rivals will earn you points, which can be used to purchase customization parts.

These parts can be used to customize your outfit,helmet,body armor,shoulder armor. There is also weapon customization for the game , each weapon can be customized with range of scopes and silencer.

A lot of powerful weapons can be unlocked like Doberman Pincer, a shotgun perfect for close quarter combat or K-12 AX an SMG with a balanced range and fire rate . Players can also customize their emotes through I.C.O.N, these I.C.O.N emotes lets players use sounds or gestures to communicate with their teammates.

Recently Capcom introduced  Multi-mission mode for Umbrella Corps and more details about the game.

Following the link with get you more information.

In December 2015 Capcom announced Umbrella corps will be part of PlayStation Experience and showed It`s hands on DEMO at the event.

Umbrella Corps is very different from the traditional Resident Evil games we are used to. From survival horror to online multiplayer shooter is a big leap for the franchise and judging from the positive response so far, it may actually work for Capcom

Still, the big question is what are they going to do with Resident Evil 7? And what you want them to do with it? Share your opinions with us in the comments below.