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Ten Interesting Ways Videogame Pirates Were Penalized by Developers

Here we are with another one of our interesting videos segment episodes. This time we will be revisiting some of the funniest ways in which game developers have decided to punish videogame pirates who just wouldn’t stop with warnings.

Videogame piracy has always been a matter of concern for the whole industry, just in 2014, the pirated games market had a booming volume of $74 billion! However, let’s have a look at the lighter side for now.

How Some Developers Punished Videogame Pirates

Mirror’s Edge developers decided to hurt the one thing that makes the game fun if you pirate the game i.e. the speed at which Faith runs, making it impossible and infuriating to play. Second, in The Legend of Zelda: Link’s Awakening if you use a trick to get items from the shop for free, it changes your in-game name to THIEF! Regular thief’s also pay the ultimate price.

Stealing in Spelunky brings out an old man with a shotgun alongside thousands of his identical fellows who follow you at the end of each level – to your death. One of the best ones, H1Z1 banned about 25000 hackers and asked them to put up video apologies on YouTube if they wanted to get back in the game.

EA decided to keep the pixelization on your character in The Sims 4 forever if you have are of of the videogame pirates, not only that, the pixelization keeps growing. Cheating in the Treasure Trove Cove in Banjo-Kazooie prompts a warning from the witch and if you persist, you game save data is wiped off!

One of the most hilarious reactions to cheating in GTA 5 was when you ported an overly powerful car from the single player to the Online version, the car would explode every time you sat in it.

Remember the alleged nude code in Tomb Raider 2? Whenever anyone tried to use it, Lara Croft would just explode in dozens of pieces. Also, the immortal scorpion monster in Serious Sam 3 that would be sent after cheaters until they were dead in pieces?

The last one is the mother of all funny punishments for videogame pirates. in Earth Bound they would first they would tell you that your copy was pirated, then they would tell you that doing so was a crime by law.

However, if the cheaters continued they would face a much higher encounter rate throughout the game that would make it really hard to get to thee final boss battle. If you did get there, the game would lock and restarting it would reveal that your entire save files data has been wiped!

Got more funny ways videogame pirates were punished by developers? Let us know in the comments below.