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SMITE PTS Patch 3.6 Details Escape From The Underworld Event

SMITE PTS patch 3.6: Escape From The Underworld changelog is revealed and it gives us a look at the changes and improvements for The Escape From The Underworld Event.

The patch brings new visuals for Arena Mode, and a handful of new items. Below is the changelog for Escape From the Underworld event.

Escape From The Underworld Event

Underworld Arena

  • New Visuals for the Arena Mode.
  • Bonus Round
    At the end of an Arena Match, players will be sent to the center of the map and surrounded by lava where they will fight until only one remains. The winning team of this Bonus Round will gain additional worshipers.

Event Quests

  • During the Underworld Event, players will receive quests that will guide them in their escape from the Underworld. These quests will provide rewards like the Trapped Icon and From the Nether Music Theme.

New Items

  • Grim Wraith Hades
  • Grim Horseman Guan Yu
  • Underworld Loading Frame
  • From the Nether Music Theme
  • Trapped Icon


  • Fixed an issue where going to the God Builder from any god would load up the God Builder for Amaterasu.
  • Fixed an issue where God Models would not show when using Random Pick in Custom Matches.



Up Against the Wall

As Anhur stun 10 opponents by impaling them into your Pillar.

The Fury of the Desert

As Anhur kill three enemies with a single Desert Fury


Those are my Protections

As Nemesis steal away 500 protections using Divine Judgement during a single match.

Back at Ya

As Nemesis kill an enemy using the damage reflect from Retribution.


That’s a Spicy Meatball

As Vulcan kill an opponent with Backfire while they’re knocked up in the air from Magma Bomb.

Locked and Loaded

As Vulcan kill an enemy with your Ultimate at the Maximum Distance.

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