Before Pokemon Sun and Moon, Get Hoopa Lvl. 50 for Free in EU

We know that everyone is eyeing the release of Pokemon Sun and Moon right now, but since Nintendo and The Pokemon Company are not ready to start talking dates yet, we have the second best thing lined up for you.

There is a new Hoopa giveaway going on in European Union as we speak – and no this is not the same as the one that was being held in North America before this, that one has ended.

The event we are talking about gets you a level 50 Hoopa free for Pokemon X and Y or Pokemon Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire through mystery gifts.

All you need to do is select Mystery Gift from the main menu of your game (either one of the aforementioned titles), and then tap to receive a gift. After that, select to enter the gift code and in the field provided, enter “HOOPA2016” and hit yes.

This will immediately result in a prompt requesting to connect to the internet, hit yes to let the game do that and you will get your free level 50 Hoopa from the Pokemon Center delivery girl. Needless to say, you should save your game on time.

We are sure that this is not going to be the same as being able to play with the Pokemon in Pokemon Sun and Moon, but since we have to wait, why not do that with a level 50 Pokemon we are being given for free?