Kingsglaive: Final Fantasy 15 Details Shared in Famitsu

The Japanese magazine Famitsu has finally released details about the upcoming CG film Kingsglaive: Final Fantasy 15, a tie-in film to Square Enix’s upcoming game Final Fantasy 15, the latest game in the Final Fantasy series.

The movie is one of the two animations that are tying in to the actual game, including the Brotherhood anime miniseries.

Final Fantasy takes a more modern and realistic approach to the series; in this game, cars and trucks and society that looks almost indistinguishable from our own go side by side with monsters, airships, and magic.

Final Fantasy 15 takes place in a world divided into a number of nations. It will focus on the story of Noctis, the Crown Prince of a nation called Lucis, and his three friends. When Lucis is invaded by the forces of the Niflheim Empire for the magical crystal it carries, which gives it power and prosperity, Noctis and his friends must go on an epic road trip to find a way to drive Niflheim out.

Kingsglaive will be a tie-in film whose plot runs directly parallel to the events of the game as King Regis of Lucis fights against the Empire with the help of his elite corps of soldiers, the Kingsglaive. As Regis is forced to allow Niflheim to occupy all of Lucis’s lands outside of the capital city and agree to marry Noctis to Lady Lunafreya, a captive of Niflheim and Noctis’s childhood friend.

A trailer is already out on the movie’s website, and shows a glorious and beautiful movie filled with the stunning architecture of the game’s world mixed with stunning animation.

The movie will be directed by Takeshi Nozue, who had previously co-directed Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children.

Various big-name voice actors have been selected to play the parts of the major characters, including Sean Bean as King Regis (say your goodbyes now, folks), Lena Headey as Lady Luna (otherwise known as Cersei Lannister-let’s hope Lady Luna is a more likable character) and Aaron Paul as Nyx, the film’s main protagonist.

Kingsglaive: Final Fantasy 15 will be releasing to stream and download sometime before Final Fantasy 15’s release, so just be patient, folks.