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Horizon Zero Dawn Graphics Are Astonishingly Detailed

When it was shown for the first time at E3, Horizon Zero Dawn impressed literally everyone whether they were watching it at the convention center or through livestreams. Now, it looks like Guerilla Games are staying true to that, as some slides shown by the developers at GDC show that the Horizon Zero Dawn graphics are astonishingly detailed.

Although the presentation where the slides and the render were shown was held some time ago, the image has surfaced online only now.

Art Suggests Horizon Zero Dawn Graphics have Amazing Detail

The image in question shows off one small part of a roof. Surely it is not an important part of the game, but that is the whole point. The roof shown belongs to an unknown building in a location named Nora, just check out the immense detail that Guerilla Games has put into even the smallest of its parts.

Horizon Zero Dawn Graphics

Other than this it was revealed during the GDC talk by rt Director Maarten van der Gaag that Guerilla Games outsources a large chunk of its art assets.

In Killzone Shadow Fall, almost all of the 14,000 art assets were outsourced because the studio believes that their work is to make games not assets.

However, it is strictly the opposite of what the general perception is regarding outsourced art work. In terms of game development too, outsourced work is almost a guarantee of high quality.

It looks like the detail in Horizon Zero Dawn graphics is also because of the work that is being outsourced, not that Guerilla Games is any less talented, but because they are themselves saying that it is better that way.