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Halo 5 Ghosts of Meridian Update is Live; Notes and Video Inside

343 Industries has released the Halo 5 Ghosts of Meridian Update for the Xbox One users who are still playing the game. However, it also looks like it is aimed at bringing back the players who might have switched to another game by introducing some really nice new features and updates.

For instance there are new Warzone and Arena maps, as well as weather effects and sound effects for Forge. Needless to say, there also is the Warzone Firefight beta that goes live on April 14 thanks to the updates that have been made to the game with the Halo 5 Ghosts of Meridian Update.

We have listed down the entire patch notes for you as well since there are tons of fixes and tweaks that have been made to the multiplayer component as well as the sandbox component of the game.

Last but not the least, there is a long list of new features, assets, bugfixes, and tweaks that have been made to Forge.

Halo 5 Ghosts of Meridian Update Patch Notes

New features and updates

  • New Warzone map added: Skirmish at Darkstar
  • New Arena map added: Tyrant
  • Weather effects added to Forge
  • New sound effects added to Forge
  • Spartan Company members will now appear in the Active Roster
  • April 14 – 18: Warzone Firefight Beta playlist goes live.

Halo 5 Ghosts of Meridian Update: Changes to Multiplayer

  • Fixed exploit that allowed players to hide inside Armory base geometry in Warzone
  • Significantly improved the speed and responsiveness of the REQ Menu, especially for players with a large number of REQs
  • Favorited friends now appear at the top of Active Roster
  • Fixed issue where players that a join a match in progress did not have full REQ Energy to start
  • Reduced instances where the assaulting team could be spawn blocked on Warzone Assault maps
  • Fixed issues with invisible environment boundaries allowing vehicles to push players out of normal map boundaries
  • Fixed issue where some players who had recently dealt damage to a Boss did not receive Takedown credit when the Boss was killed by a teammate
  • SWAT DMRs added to the SWAT playlist
  • Fixed an issue that caused the Event Feed to not display at the end of a round or match
  • SWAT game type options have been balanced to allow for even weighting between Magnums, BRs, and DMRs
  • Gravity Hammer is now the starting weapon in Grifball
  • Reduced Boss Takedown damage requirement from 10% to 1%
  • Random Weapon and Random Vehicle REQs can now unlock the most up-to-date REQs, including those from Ghosts of Meridian
  • Daily Win Bonus Packs can now unlock the most up-to-date single-use REQs, including those from Ghost of Meridian
  • Players can now “ping” their location in a game when alive to alert teammates by pressing UP on the d-pad in Warzone or Arena
  • Fixed an issue that caused explosive barrels to not be explosive when the Deathless option is turned on in Custom Games

Halo 5 Ghosts of Meridian Update: Changes to Sandbox

  • Fixed a bug that caused the Spartan Laser to deal incorrect damage against shields
  • Fixed a bug where damage dealt to Gungoose Cannons did not properly transfer damage to the rest of the vehicle. (The Spartan Laser is excited about this change, too)
  • Mantis armor has been increased
  • Reduced the explosion radius of the Whiplash
  • Needler projectiles now do damage to Wraith and Scorpion weak points
  • Fixed an issue where Rail Gun aiming light can be seen through geometry
  • Fixed server crashes surrounding picking up powerups
  • Fixed a bug that made picking up powerups impossible
  • With Speed Boost activated, Spartan Charging now kills upon impact
  • Hydra Launcher now only locks onto the torso of enemy Spartans
  • Fixed a bug that allowed players to perform a Spartan Charge after performing a Thrust in mid-air
  • Fixed a bug with Phaeton damage regions that resulted in incorrect weak spot hit markers
  • Slightly reduced bloom for the Halo: CE Pistol
  • Improved readability of shields popping immediately after they begin to recharge
  • Lowered the damage of an uncharged Plasma Pistol shot when fired upon a Ghost’s weak point
  • Fixed a bug that did not allow Ball holders to pick up grenades
  • Fixed a bug with Advanced Sensors’ speed threshold that caused players to show up on radar in some cases where they were not moving at Sprint/Thrust speed or faster

Halo 5 Ghosts of Meridian Update: Changes to Forge

New Updated Features:

  • Weather Effects added to map properties [Rain, Snow, Dust, Embers, Papers, Motes]
  • Sound Effects added to extras menu
  • Starting energy can now be adjusted on weapon
  • Starting energy and clips can now be adjusted for weapons on weapon pads

New Assets:

Bug fixes, Tweaks, and Cleanup:

  • Fixed issues where objects would become almost completely black when placed under certain conditions
  • Fixed an issue that would prevent Forgers from being able to save a map until they restarted Halo 5: Guardians
  • Fixed a bug where objects would randomly rotate when opening the objects property menu
  • Objects moved via scripting will respect, “Reset Object Position” commands
  • Fixed bugs surrounding welding, especially when welding to animated machines (i.e. pistons)
  • Fixed Magnets for Wall 2x64x4 base variant
  • Fixed various object LOD (level of detail) issues
  • Grav volumes:
    • Fixed dimensions of some grav volumes that were intended to be wider than tall, and vice versa
    • Fixed magnets on some grav volumes
  • Grav volumes can no longer be selected from the top, making it easier pick up objects inside them
  • Fixed an issue with Phased/Fixed crates despawning incorrectly
  • Crates despawned via scripting now correctly respawn on “Respawn All Objects”
  • Locked objects can no longer be accidentally deleted
  • Fixed an issue that caused FX to stop working after the first round in round based game types
  • Fixed an issue where changes to a script’s properties wouldn’t take effect right after changing the script’s type
  • Fixed an issue where opening the object properties menu, rotation edit is applied and is incorrect
  • Added length, width, and height organization to Shields and Grav volumes to help organize the increased quantity of those objects
  • One-way and Two-way shields respawn time can now be adjusted with the respawn properties. NOTE: All previously placed shields will no longer respawn unless updated. To replicate original behavior, set respawn timer to 10 seconds (default)
  • All objects in props>exploding now do consistent damage when destroyed
  • Fixed an issue that caused weapons and power ups to block players when set to Phased or Fixed

We have also added the launch trailer of Halo 5 Ghosts of Meridian update below so that you can also get a visual on the new goodies that are coming your way with the update alongside the fixes and the changes.

Halo 5 Ghosts of Meridian is now live and you will have to download 8 GB of it in order to play. You better start now.