Fallout 4 Beta Patch For Survival Mode Hits PC

By   /   Apr 7, 2016
fallout 4 mod support for xbox one

Bethesda has released a new Fallout 4 Beta Patch for the Survival Mode. The Survival Mode itself is in beta right now and the update adds some changes and a feature to it such as reduced chances of catching a disease and carrying capacity is also reduced etc. Full list of changes is listed below:

  • Less consumption of food and drinks to maintain sustenance
  • Weight of Fusion cores is increased
  • Carrying capacity is reduced
  • Reduced sleep cycle from 24 hours to 14 hours
  • Less chances of catching a disease
  • A quest marker will appear when the companion is down
  • Caffeine effects of Nuka cola or Nuka cola Cherry are not canceled by Nuka cola Quantum

The only feature added by the beta update is:

  • Depending on the status the icons for Thirst , Hunger,Sleep,disease will change color.

Did the update miss something? What other changes, features or improvements would you like to see in Fallout 4? Let us know in the comments below.

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